Monday, July 25, 2011

Interior Design Ideas: Using Green

If you are going to use green as a complimentary colour to accessorise a room, do so carefully. One of the best ways to do so is by using brighter, more striking greens. These will stand out enough on their own to hold up against other colours. The secret to success is to match the green to a colour that suites it well.

One great example is using an apple green next to a rich cream, which will enhance and make the colour bolder, while still retaining its striking appeal. These colour combinations are perfect for creating an informal, yet elegant, lounge or bedroom in traditional styles of homes.

Alternatively, green teamed with aubergine are ideal colours for modern and contemporary homes. Look for bedroom curtains in a rich, seductive plum or aubergine and team with bright citrus lime green bedding sets as this offers an inexpensive makeover for teen's or guest bedrooms. Add a couple of rugs, one green, the other plum to help ground the design and provide a look of balance and cohesion.

As I've said before, 'going green' doesn't mean that you have to turn off all of your lights and electrical appliances – it can also simply mean – choose this fabulous colour to bring a new look to your rooms.

Image: blog.styleestate

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