Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Understanding Garden & Landscape Design

Designing a garden landscape incorporates several professional disciplines including the need for horticulture knowledge, construction expertise, drainage and irrigation expertise, as well as the need to have an extensive knowledge of design principles and how to incorporate them creatively in the overall plans. Landscape design draws on all of these different disciplines to achieve the unity of design which is necessary to create a safe, flourishing and aesthetically pleasing, functional landscape.
Once the designer understands the site, the client’s needs and the budget constraints, the landscape design starts with the creation of a conceptual plan, which is a rough layout of all of the design elements and there location within the site property boundaries and their relationship to the environment and the adjacent land. With the conceptual design drawn, a meeting between the client or client's representative and the landscape designer brings the conceptual design to a greater refinement based on how much in line the design solution is to the client’s desires, the budget and the design elements they wish to see in the final landscape.

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