Monday, September 27, 2010

Flexible Large Open Space Loft House Design

Dominated with blue colors home accessories, art sculptures, and woods as accent and functional material for tiles and furniture in Asian style concept. The Asian style appearance in symbolic and simple course, but still cached and make the interior design elegant. With rolling shoji screens to partition or connect adjoining spaces, the large space look flexible, can be arranged in any situation. This modern loft house also enhances the difficult space between columns become comfortable sun-drenched window seat. The seat between columns also built in bedroom

Contemporary Western House Cottage Design Ideas

This western style house attended as vacation mountain cottage with simple geometry profiles. Sided in red cedar shingles, this vacation house designed to achieve a logical circulation flow with an appropriate separation of public and private spaces with optimizing the sunlight and views. For typical climate condition, sloping roof constructed define overall house structure. Simultaneously, the roof shape helps reinforce the clarity of the floor plan by expressing the volume and organization of interior spaces, and through the manipulation of eave height and overhang, conveys a pleasing form and a sense of protective shelter.

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